Celebrating the International Digital Preservation Day

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Arquivo.pt joins the international celebration of the first International Day of Digital Preservation (30th November) by contributing with:

Spread the word about the International Day of Digital Preservation using the hashtag #IDPD17!

Celebrate this day to raise awareness to the importance of Digital Preservation for our everyday more Digital World.

Free training about Web Preservation on the Digital Preservation Day

Working group session

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Memória da FCSH na Web: Exposição Virtual disponível em https://memoriafcsh.wordpress.com/
FCSH Memory on the Web: Virtual Exhibition available at https://memoriafcsh.wordpress.com/

The International Day of Digital Preservation is celebrated on the 30th November.

Arquivo.pt joins this international celebration by offering one of its free training courses on Web Preservation.

Training objective

Learn how to get the most out of the Arquivo.pt services and how to publish your information so that it can prevail for the future.


14:30 – Reception of participants
14:45 – New ways of searching the past 
15:30 – How to publish information on the web so that is preserved
16:15 – Break
16:30 – Memory of FCSH on the Web: Virtual Exhibition (use case)
17:15 – End / Optional visit to the data center

Main recipients

  • Information professionals (e.g. archivists, documentalists or librarians)
  • Responsible for websites (e.g. offices of communication and public relations)
  • Web authors (e.g. bloggers)
  • Teachers, students and researchers interested in research about historical Web data and digital preservation

Location and Subscriptions

The training will take place at FCT-FCCN facilities in Lisbon (Avenida do Brasil, 101).

Registration is free but mandatory. To register, simply send us a message with your name, profession and phone number.

The training will be held only if there is a minimum of 10 registrees.

Arquivo.pt Event on the 8th November: Register now!

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On the 8th November we will hold the 1st Arquivo Event at the  Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon and we would like to invite you to celebrate with us 10 years of project start.

Keynote talks: why and how to preserve the Web?

Before lunch get to know in firsthand the Announcement of the Arquivo.pt 2018 Prize, which will aim to foster innovative research using resources preserved from the Web.

During the lunch, which we are pleased to offer, you can chat with the speakers and the Arquivo.pt team.

Workshops: research use cases and training

Research using Arquivo.pt

Get to know the research work already done in several areas using Arquivo.pt.

Preservation and access to Web memory

Learn how to get the most out of the Arquivo.pt services and how to publish your information so that it can prevail for the future.

Register now!

Registration is free but the number of seats is limited.

The online world is wonderful but we would love to see you live too.
Come and celebrate with us!

Vacancy at the Advanced Services!

Last updated on October 1st, 2018 at 04:43 pm

FCT-FCCN’s Advanced Services Area, which includes Arquivo.pt and the Video Services, has opened a vacancy for complementary training in infrastructure and services for science management (scholarship grant).

The activities to be carried out will be related to the training and dissemination of advanced services for scientific research and higher education.

The deadline for submitting applications is October 27, 2017.

Please refer to the application details (in Portuguese).

Thank you for posting this vacancy by potential interested parties.

New informative site of Arquivo.pt!

Novo site sobre.arquivo.pt

On August 2, 2017, a new version of the informative website about Arquivo.pt (available on sobre.arquivo.pt/en/) was launched.

This new version consisted mainly on the adoption of the WordPress platform as replacement for an obsolete version of Plone.

The following improvements are highlighted:

If you notice any problems or wish to make any suggestions for improvement, please contact us!

Your opinion is valuable.

Investiga XXI research project has started

Last updated on September 25th, 2017 at 04:21 pm

Investiga XXI research project is publicly sharing the first contributions based on Arquivo.pt.

The main goal is to promote the use of Arquivo.pt as a source and tool for scientific research.

The ongoing projects adopt perspectives from the Digital Humanities in their approach to the different objects of study:

To know more:

If you want to collaborate, contact us.

Arquivo.pt preserved websites about Research & Development projects funded by the EU


Last updated on July 27th, 2021 at 04:07 pm

Arquivo.pt automatically identified R&D project websites to preserve their content. It preserved 52 million web files (7 TB) related to science for future access.

R&D websites publish valuable information but are being lost

Websites about Research and Development (R&D) projects are increasingly being used to publish important scientific information that complements published literature (e.g. data sets, documentation or software). However, after projects ending, the corresponding websites usually disappear causing a permanent loss of unique and valuable scientific information.
Percentage of project URLs from the EU Open Data Portal that referenced relevant content in November 2015 distributed per work programme since FP4 (1994). 
Percentage of project URLs from the EU Open Data Portal that referenced relevant content in November 2015 distributed per work programme since FP4 (1994).

Online information related to R&D projects is not being fully documented. For example, information about the URLs of projects funded by the 7th Framework Program (FP7) available at the European Union’s Open Data Portal is missing for 92% of the projects.

Arquivo.pt automatically identified URLs related to Research and Development projects

The main objective of Arquivo.pt is to preserve online information for scientific and academic purposes. Therefore, it developed a pragmatic and low-cost process that automatically identifies URLs related to R&D projects to be systematically preserved. Automatic identification is achieved through the combination of open data sets with free search services. This work is detailed in an article published at the International Conference on Digital Preservation 2016.

All the data sets and tools developed during this research have been made publicly available in open access so that they can be reused and collaboratively enhanced.

52 million web files related to science were preserved

The application of the developed process already enabled the preservation of 52 million files (7 TB) obtained from 53 993 websites of R&D projects financed since the FP4 (1994), such as the WEZARD project funded by FP7 aimed at “preparing the future research community in the area of air transport system robustness when it is faced with weather hazards”. The website for this project (www.wezard.eu) is no longer available online. However, it was preserved and can be accessed at Arquivo.pt.
All the websites identified and preserved during this project are accessible through Arquivo.pt since March 2017.
Preserved website of the WEZARD project (www.wezard.eu), funded by FP7 between 2011 and 2013, available at Arquivo.pt.
Preserved website of the WEZARD project (www.wezard.eu), funded by FP7 between 2011 and 2013, available at Arquivo.pt.

Contributions to complement the European Open Data Portal data sets

The developed process was applied to the data sets published through the European Open Data Portal to try to complement the missing information regarding project URLs. The obtained results showed that the completeness of the FP7 data set was improved by 86.6%.

All the resulting data sets were made publicly available so that they can be improved and reused by other organizations also interested on preserving this digital heritage (FP4FP5FP6FP7).


Are you a researcher?

Blogs that stand for History: training offered by Arquivo.pt

Blogs that stand for history Arquivo.pt training course

Last updated on September 26th, 2017 at 10:27 am

“How can my blog stay in the Digital History of Portugal?” Is the starting question for this meeting dedicated to digital preservation.

Blogs that stand for history Arquivo.pt training course
Blogs that stand for history – Arquivo.pt training course

On the 23rd February 2017, the FCCN unit of the FCT, in Lisbon, responsible for Arquivo.pt, hosted a free training session for bloggers in the areas of technology, lifestyle and fashion. Under the motto of working to leave their blogs in the history of the Portuguese Web, this set of bloggers joined the research infrastructure Arquivo.pt attending sessions on digital preservation techniques

Training about Arquivo.pt in April at UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal

Arquivo.pt formação gratuita UTAD 2017

This training will take place during the event Jornadas FCCN 2017 at UTAD from 19 to 21 April.

Training agenda

This training course will take place at Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), 20 de abril, 14:30-16:00.

  • Arquivo.pt: an innovative service at your disposal
  • How to publish preservable information for the future
  • Automatic access to Arquivo.pt (APIs)

Do not miss the Zapping of other services at your service!

We also highlight the “Zapping session of FCCN projects and services” (April 20, 9:30). During just 1 hour anyone can get to know all the services offered by the FCCN, free or at no cost to the academic community.


Registration is free and includes social events. However, the number of registrations is limited and we accept submissions in order of submission. The main objective of Jornadas FCCN is to interact with the local communities.

Please spread the word about it to potential interested parties.

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