New version of (Image Service release) has released a new version of its service on November 11, 2019, called Image Service Release [1] [2] [3] [4].

This new version has as main novelty, the mobile image search.


The mobile version now has a new design.

Mobile image search

Image search is now available for mobile devices

Image search of Ronaldo

The functionality allows not only to find images from the past preserved by but also to find the webpage from the past that contained the founded image.

Image detail of Ronaldo

Domain spam filter on search page

Another novelty was the inclusion of a filter in the search of pages of domains considered by the as spam. For example, the search for Portuguese geographical points returned better results.

Page search Lisboa

More info

  • Pywb software update to version 2.3.5 with improved page reproduction quality
  • Added indexed images until December 2017 on search image