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Arquivo.pt Memorial: preserves information of historical websites

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

Is it a problem to maintain your historical website?

There are many historical websites that provide valuable information but are no longer updated (for example websites of finished projects).

Therefore, organizations must invest significant amounts of resources to keep them online.

However, costs grow as websites become older because of the obsolescence of supporting technologies and consequent dangerous security vulnerabilities.

Arquivo.pt Memorial preserves historical websites

For example, the website english.umic.pt belonged to a governmental organization named UMIC – Knowledge Society Agency that ceased its activities in 2012. Arquivo.pt preserved the information published online by this website and it was shutdown afterwards.

Arquivo.pt Memorial offers high quality preservation of historical web-content that enables:

This way,  website owners can preserve the online information that they published and don’t have to be permanently investing on infrastructure (e.g. servers, electricity, content management system) nor allocating IT staff to maintain their historical websites. They only have to maintain the ownership of the domain name.

If you want the information of your historical website to be preserved on the Arquivo.pt Memorial, contact us.

Have you already shut down your historical website?

We can also make your historical website to be Reborn through the Arquivo.pt Memorial! All you need is to:

If so, contact us to start the process.

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