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Last updated on May 25th, 2020 at 09:31 pm

Wellcome to  Online Cafe!

Talk directly to the team and get answers to all your questions!

The team chats with you through online sessions.

Brief introductory presentations will be given, leaving time to ask all your questions about how to get more out of or how to apply to the Awards.

Next session

In the 9th session of the Café, we will get to know Straight Edge and its presence in the punk / hardcore medium of the metropolitan area of Lisbon in the 90s more closely. Diogo Duarte, anthropologist and researcher at the Contemporary History Institute of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, will talk about his work dedicated to the theme and about the importance of to study this movement and other expressions of popular culture.

  • May 29, 3:00 pm (Lisbon) – Straight Edge in the metropolitan area of Lisbon (Diogo Duarte, anthropologist, NOVA FCSH)
  • Registration (free and required)

Save the date

  • May 29, 3:00 pm (Lisbon) – Straight Edge in Lisbon (Portugal) in the late 90’s – Diogo Duarte (Anthropologist and historian, NOVA University of Lisbon) – In Portuguese
  • June 5, 3:00 pm (Lisbon) – Health and Internet: an evolution (Rita Espanha, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon) – In Portuguese
  • June 26, 3:00 pm (Lisbon) – “Conta-me Histórias” (Tell me Stories) (Ricardo Campos, FEUP /INESC TEC)
  • July 3, 3:00 pm – Arquivo de Opinião (Miguel Won, INESC)
  • July 10, 3:00 – Museum of Portuguese web design (Sandra Antunes, ESTGV)

You will receive in your email the link to participate in the session. Spread the word!

Sessions held

The 1st session (in Portuguese) was about Website Preservation: Do It Yourself! and counted with the participation of Ricardo Basílio (Digital Curator of and Daniel Gomes (Manager of

The 2nd session was about the App, winner of Award 2019. Nuno Moniz presented the relevance of this app to the citizen participation on politics. Arian Pasquali and Tomás Amaro, also authors of this work were presents. The session continued with questions related to the development of works from

The 3rd session toke place on April 17th, after Easter break and was present by Daniel Gomes about the API. This session was dedicated to clarify doubts for those who are finalizing their work to compete for the Award. Finally, the new interface of has been presented.

The 4th session, held on April 24, had as speakers the creators of Revisionista.PT – Uncovering the News, Flávio Martins and André Mourão. This tool uses to show the reviews of a given new after its publication in newspapers.

The 5th session, April 30, had as speaker Zélia Teixeira, Professor at Fernando Pessoa University and Psychologist, who brought us an Analysis of 217 news collected in from the three main daily newspapers, on domestic violence.

André Mourão, Engineer I&D explained APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) trough examples and cases, in the session held on 8 April. One doesn’t need to be an IT expert to see the the potencial of the API when used on research or new tools.

  • May 8 – API – How to process data at large scale? (tutorial) – – slides (PDF, 2,7 MB), video (soon)

The next “Café” was dedicated to Webrecorder and Browsertrix. This tools are usefull to capture websites locally and on a small scale. From a demonstration of how it works, we want to encourage the community. Anyone can make a selection of pages or websites and preserve them in a standardized format.

Miguel Costa, Web developer and passionate about Web, tecnologies and videogames talked about the main figures of national business of videogames and about the first Portuguese videogame. In he founded archived files of videogames and a lot of information.

  • May 22, 3:00 pm (Lisbon) – The history of video games on the Portuguese web – Miguel Costa (Web developer) – In Portuguese – video

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