Sites crawled in 2015 are now available through!

The information collected from the Web during 2015 is now avaliable in!

Remember and investigate historical events of 2015 such as the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan or the Greek crisis.

Charlie Hebdo Cover


Now you can acess 835 milion preserved files (35TB) from 2 milion websites collected in 2015.

Examples of preserved pages

New release of with improved replay quality!

Antes e Depois site preservado aeropaixão released a new version of its service on the 25th of January 2017.

The new version named PyCDX introduces significant improvements in the replay quality of the preserved pages.

These improvements resulted from the adoption of PyWb technology developed by Ilya Kreymer.

The replay of the preserved pages is now more comprehensive, with the loading of additional images, PDF, CSS, and other Web content that previously were not reproduced.

Examples of improvements

AeroPaixao website before and after improved replay
Replay of the preserved page before and after the new version of
replay before and after new version of
Replay of the preserved page before and after the new version of


Replay of the archived page before and after new release of
Replay of the preserved page before and after the new version of


Know More – new version new version 2016 released a new version on the 7th of November 2016.

The new version named Hercules presents design improvements, specially in the user interface for the replay of preserved Web pages, such as:

  • Minimize and Maximize options for the toolbar by clicking in the upper right corner, so that users can visualize the preserved Web page in full screen; new version 2016 new version 2016 in Iceland Iceland IIPC 2016

Last updated on September 26th, 2017 at 10:30 am

The team went to the biggest international Web archiving conference. Iceland IIPC 2016 Iceland IIPC 2016

The conference, organized by the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), occurred from the 11th to the 15th of April 2016. contributed with 5 presentations in the conference.

The slides are available in the following links:

For more informations about the conference visit

We archived the Web pages of the Portuguese Presidential Elections of 2016!

The made 2 crawls of Web pages related with the Portuguese Presidential Elections of 2016.

We had appealed to the community contribution by suggesting Web pages related with the Presidential Elections of 2016 in order to archive it.

We made 2 crawls, during and after the election campaign period, using the list of 284 Web pages suggested by the community, archiving a total of 551 672 Web resources, that occupy 7 GB.

It were collected Web pages such as the official ones from the running candidates, from political parties, news in the media about the elections, blogs, opinion articles.

The respects an embargo period of 1 year, and for that reason the archived collection will only be avaliable by the end of 2016.

However you can consult now some archived Web pages from the previous Portuguese Parliamentary Elections such as:

We would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with this initiative.

We issued a press release about

Last updated on September 26th, 2017 at 10:32 am

On the 12th January 2016 we have issued a press release about, where we explain our service, its history, present, colaborations and future challenges.

The is a free of charge service, that allows the search of Web archived data since 1996. The investigation infrastructure of is mainly focused on the preservation of relevant content for the portuguese community.

There are currently about 2700 milions of archived files, which correspond to 95 TB of information and any person can suggest interesting sites to be archived by simply going to

In 2015, the has collected 580 milion files for preservation, and the search service has registered an average of 3 692 users per month, from which 90% are new users.

In 2016 the will make avaliable the access to archived Web pages from the .eu domain and the team will work on a prototype that will allow the search and visualization of archived images.

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Ask us for free dissemination materials! – the Portuguese Web Archive is a nonprofit public service that requires dissemination.

We produced the following dissemination materials:

Your collaboration to disseminate is essential for this service to become useful to an increasing amount people.

Ask us for materials to disseminate at your institution or event. We will send it to you free of charge.

Thank you.

Know more:

Fénix: the new release of!

We are pleased to announce that we launched a new release of – the Portuguese Web Archive, after two years of suspension in the development of the service.

The name given to this release was opportunely Fénix (Phoenix). 20 cases that originated the following improvements were resolved:

Informative site (

  • Review and update of all content (152 pages in Portuguese and English);
  • Reorganization of the Information Architecture;
  • Fix functional and usability errors;
  • Incoherence of graphical style.

Search and access (

  • Interoperability improvements (e.g. URLs following the Wayback syntax, OpenSearch API fixes);
  • Information updates;
  • Error corrections on the user interface;
  • Introductory video included on the homepage.

We inform that we migrated our open source project to GitHub: pwa_technologies where you can find more details about the Fénix version.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

A first attempt to archive the .EU domain

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 02:35 pm

News updated on August 1, 2019. (the Portuguese web-archive) performed an experiment to preserve .EU web sites.

The .EU domain is commonly used to reference sites related to Europe. The strategy adopted to archive the World Wide Web has been delegating the responsibility of each domain to the respective national archiving institutions. However, the .EU domain fails to fit in this model because it covers multiple nations. Thus, the preservation of .EU sites was not been yet assigned and undertaken by any institution.

RESAW is an European network that aims to create a Research Infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web Materials ( performed a first attempt to crawl and preserve web sites hosted under the .EU domain within the scope of RESAW activities. This first crawl began on the 21 November 2014 and finished on the 16 December 2014.

We performed 2 more crawls of the .EU domain. All the crawls were indexed and became searchable through one year after its finish date. Moreover, we made available a prototype that enables focused search over the .EU crawls which demonstrates the simplicity of creating search engines that targeted specific collections through the usage of the “collection” search parameter.

Collaborations with researchers interested on studying the collected web data sets or crawl logs are welcome.

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