Slides and photos of web archiving events at TPDL2018

Gathering professionals from all around the world, the 22nd International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2018, took place from September 10th to 13th at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Alongside, two events also discussed web archives and the preservation of the web.

Tutorial on using web archives for research

On its first day, TPDL 2018 held the Research the Past Web using Web archives tutorial, in which researchers, computer scientists, information professionals, and webmasters discussed new ways and tools to preserve online published information.

The Tutorial presented ways to create and explore web archives as well as methods and technologies to develop web applications that automatically access and process information preserved in web archives, such as Wayback Machine, Memento Time Travel protocol or the API.

The average satisfaction with the tutorial was 4 out of 5, and 80% of the participants would recommend it to their colleagues. See all the results from the evaluation questionnaire.


Workshop RESAW@Porto2018

On Thursday, the Workshop RESAW@Porto2018 took place at TPDL 2018 and was organized by Jane Winters (School of Advanced Study) and Daniel Gomes (

The event aimed at researchers who work exploring web archives to search for information about the past. There were 24 participants from 11 distinct countries.

Speakers from five countries presented a range of different approaches, from small-scale analyses of individual websites to large-scale investigations of entire domains, and innovative combinations of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

The third RESAW Conference will take place in Amsterdam, 19-21 June 2019. The call for papers is open.

Photo Gallery


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Presentations and abstracts

  • Conta-me histórias – Temporal summarization and the Portuguese web archive, by Ricardo Campos, Arian Pasquali, Vítor Mangaravite, Alípio Jorge, Adam Jatowt – presentation, abstract
  • The Archived Web for Research in the humanities and social sciences, by Jane Winters – presentation
  • The ‘Arquivo de Opinião’ archive, by Miguel Won – presentation, abstract
  • The Memento Infrastructure, by Martin Klein, Herbert Van de Sompel – presentation, abstract
  • Web Archive Research and the role of (digital) academic libraries, by Thomas Risse- presentation, abstract

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Web archives for research: Call for Proposals!

RESAW@Porto2018 workshop

An introduction to web archives for Humanities and Social Science research.

This one-day workshop will be held as part of TPDL 2018 on 13 September 2018, Porto, Portugal.

RESAW is a network of researchers and web archivists that promotes the development of Research infrastructures for the Study of Archived Web Material.

The organizing committee is composed by  Jane Winters (Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of London) and Daniel Gomes (

Call for Proposals

We are seeking proposals from potential contributors to the workshop in two main areas:

  • Work presenting the state of the field and discussing the opportunities and challenges of using this new kind of primary source for research. This may include demonstrations of existing web archives.
  • Presentations of ground-breaking Humanities and Social Science research drawing on web archives, from small-scale analyses of individual websites to large-scale investigations of entire domains.


To apply, just submit a 300-500 word abstract via our online form. Final presentations should be around 30 minutes in length.

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2018, 17.00 (GMT+1).

All details at:

Spread the word!

Please disseminate among potentially interested authors and attendees.


Jane Winters & Daniel Gomes

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