New version of (Image Service release) has released a new version of its service on November 11, 2019, called Image Service Release [1] [2] [3] [4].

This new version has as main novelty, the mobile image search.


The mobile version now has a new design.

Mobile image search

Image search is now available for mobile devices

Image search of Ronaldo

The functionality allows not only to find images from the past preserved by but also to find the webpage from the past that contained the founded image.

Image detail of Ronaldo

Domain spam filter on search page

Another novelty was the inclusion of a filter in the search of pages of domains considered by the as spam. For example, the search for Portuguese geographical points returned better results.

Page search Lisboa

More info

  • Pywb software update to version 2.3.5 with improved page reproduction quality
  • Added indexed images until December 2017 on search image celebrates the World Digital Preservation Day with free training


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November 7 was the World Digital Preservation Day 2019 (#WDPD2019).

To celebrate the date, a free training on Web Preservation was given. The objective of the training has been to maximize users’ productivity in exploring the service.

The event began at 13:30 pm (see full schedule below), in the Pequeno Auditório located at FCT-FCCN (Avenida do Brasil, 101 – Lisbon).


Target Audience

  • Information professionals (e.g. librarians, archivists, and documentalists)
  • Website managers (e.g. Communication and Design bureaus)
  • Web content authors (e.g. bloggers)
  • Professors, students, and researchers interested in Digital Preservation

Image gallery

Dia Mundial da Preservação Digital 2019

Dia Mundial da Preservação Digital 2019
IMG_7144 IMG_7128 IMG_7116_1 IMG_7157_1 IMG_7180 IMG_7171 IMG_7189 IMG_7487 IMG_7477 IMG_7493 IMG_7452 Dia Mundial da Preservação Digital 2019 IMG_7233 IMG_7246 IMG_7279 IMG_7324 IMG_7125 IMG_7123 IMG_7119 IMG_7261 20191107_173137 IMG_7372 IMG_7375 IMG_7392 IMG_7414

Photos by: Valter Gouveia, FCT


The training was attended by 43 participants, who rated it as good.

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Meet the winners of the Award 2019!

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 02:22 pm

The winners of the Award 2019 were announced by His Excellency the Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa during the session that took place on July 8 at 9:00 am in Auditorium 1 during the event Science 2019 – Encounter with Science and Technology at the Lisbon Congress Center.

23 applications were received.

Entregas do Prémio durante o Encontro Ciência 2019

1_GOU6417 _GOU6658 _GOU6570 _GOU6861 _GOU6647 _GOU6630 _GOU6610-2 _GOU6687 _GOU6753 _GOU6719 _GOU6713

Photos by Valter Gouveia, FCT

1st place: is a mobile application that simulates the Portuguese Parliament, calling on all citizens to play the role of a deputy.

Authors: Nuno Moniz, Arian Pasquali, Tomás Amaro

2nd place: Un-cover the news

The is an online tool to reveal post-publication changes in the Portuguese news.

Authors: Flávio Martins and André Mourão

3rd place: Public speeches about violence in private

Analysis of 217 news collected in from the three main daily newspapers, on domestic violence.

Author: Zélia de Macedo Teixeira

Materials for dissemination about the winners

About the Award 2019 is a research infrastructure managed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) that enables search and access to web pages archived since 1996.

The Award aims to annually promote innovative works based on historical information preserved by Submissions closed on May 3 and we received works in areas such as: media studies, education, design, information technology, health or cultural and historical heritage.

The Award 2019 received the High Sponsorship of His Excellency the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Award 2020

The Award was approved as an annual initiative of the Foundation for Science and Technology that will run from January to May.

Sign up for the international mailing list to be informed about future editions of the Award! in Croatia na Croácia

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The team went to the biggest international Web archiving conference.

The conference, organized by the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), occurred from the 5th to the 7th of June 2019.


Interview to Daniel Gomes, Head of contributed with 5 additional presentations during the conference.

The slides and videos are available in the following links:

Sites crawled in 2017 are available through

Fires in Pedrógão Grande

Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 03:58 pm

The information collected from the Web during 2017 is avaliable in

Fires in Pedrógão Grande. Photo published in the newspaper As Beiras
Fires in Pedrógão Grande, Portugal, june 2017. Photo published in the newspaper As Beiras

Remember and investigate historical events of 2017 such as: visited 3 millions sites and collected 900 million files, 75TB in total, so you can acess the memory of past events.

Librarians as web curators in universities

4th meeting BES

The 4th Meeting of Libraries of Higher Education, for librarians in Portuguese universities, held at Coimbra University, on 4 and 5 June 2019, had two presentations about

Workflow for the preservation of institutional web sites (fig. 1) was suggested as a guide for anyone to be able to care for and preserve quality the pages of own organization.

The second presented the new “Memorial” service, which preserves the sites at the end of their life cycle, keeping them accessible to institutional memory and research.

About 170 librarians participated at the meeting and were challenged to collaborate with adopting simple but decisive practices to preserve the Web with quality.

Fluxograma Curadoria Web

Fig. 1 – Workflow to preserve institutional websites (PDF, in Portuguese)

Java/Linux expert to collaborate with

The ROSSIO Project-  Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities has an open call for 1 position to collaborate with

Call is open until June 13th, 2019.

Check for application details at the links below.

Main tasks

  • Development of large-scale distributed computer systems;
  • Analysis, planning and operation of computer services;
  • Corrective and evolutive maintenance of software;
  • Interaction with scientific and technical communities to establish collaborations and identify requirements.

Application details

European Elections 2019: We Need Your Help!

European Elections

Last updated on October 1st, 2021 at 09:09 am

Websites and pages about the elections disappear quickly after the election period, leaving a void of information in place of History.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to preserve the memory. We are inviting you to identify web pages related to the elections, as soon as you can, so that the debates and ideas of this time are not forgotten.

Just add to the collaborative list the addresses of pages or sites that you find relevant for the future memory of these elections, through the following link:

Suggesting 1 address will make a valuable contribution. Can you help?

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Search 17 million images from the past with!

Image viewer Arnold

At the end of 2018, launched an experimental image search service from the past, which it was possible to search around 4 million images from the past, coming from some collections of

From April 2019, it became possible to search for images from all the collections of

aArnold Schwarzenegger image search

You can now search over 17 million unique images (over 50 pixels in width and height) since 1996.

Find pages from the past through the new image search service.

Try the “Visit Page” option to find the Web page from the past that contained the image you selected.

Image viewer Arnold

Try the image search service now!

Search images from the past with at training in Azores islands

Daniel Gomes in Azores islands

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Memorial (hight quality preservation) and image search were highlighted as new developments in during Jornadas de Computação Científica 2019, held from 6 to 8 at the University of Azores in Ponta Delgada.

On the first day of this annual event, developed a training session in 4 parts:

  • Memory of the web: a forgoten heritage?, by Daniel Gomes (in portuguese);
  • Curation of institutional websites, by Ricardo Basílio (in portuguese);
  • Automatic access and processing of preserved Web data (APIs), by Fernando Melo (in portuguese);
  • Recommendations for web publication of preservable information, by Daniel Bicho (in portuguese).

Participants learned about the web preservation service offered to the community by the that for the purpose of researching and safeguarding the digital heritage, and how they can help preserve the Web.

In addition to the Jornadas 2019, the team also made two presentations in class context. The first was to students of the Informatics – Networks and Multimedia course at the University of Azores, and the second at the Escola Secundária das Laranjeiras (high school) in Ponta Delgada.

To schedule a training session with, contact us.

Jornadas 2019

Daniel Gomes in Azores islands
Universidade dos Açores
Jornadas 2019
Jornadas 2019 Melo
Jornadas 2019 Daniel Bicho
Aula Universidade dos Açores
Açores Escola das Laranjeiras
Daniel Gomes in Azores islands Universidade dos Açores Jornadas 2019 Jornadas 2019 Melo Jornadas 2019 Daniel Bicho Açores Aula Universidade dos Açores Açores Escola das Laranjeiras