Scientific study about Web accessibility conducted in collaboration with the Archive

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 03:44 pm

This research, conducted by the HCIM group from the University of Lisbon in collaboration with the Portuguese Web Archive, presents a measurement of the Portuguese Web accessibility for people with disabilities.

Scientific study presents a characterization of the information needs of Web Archive users

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 03:58 pm

This research focuses on what the users intents are and which topics are most interesting to them. Three instruments were used to collect quantitative and qualitative data: search logs, an online questionnaire and a laboratory study.

The paper Understanding the Information Needs of Web Archive Users, by Miguel Costa and Mário J. Silva, was presented at the 10th International Web Archiving Workshop, in Vienna, Austria.

Web archivists: please answer 3 quick questions regarding resources committed to web archiving

Last updated on September 29th, 2017 at 03:10 pm

We are conducting a preliminary study regarding the efforts being committed world-wide to web archiving.

If you are a web archivist, please send us your answers to these 3 quick questions:

  • What is the name of your web archive initiative (please state if you want to remain anonymous)?
  • Which is the amount of data that you have archived (number of files, disk space occupied)?
  • How many people work at your web archive (in person/month)?

Any additional comments are welcome.

Thank you very much.

Characterizing Search Behavior in Web Archives: we have published a video about a study we performed

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 04:03 pm

Talk about the search behavior characterization of web archive users, based on a scientific study performed by the Portuguese Web Archive.

The presentation focuses on the following points:

  • Web archiving
  • Search log analysis
  • How do users search?
  • Time dimension in searches

Find out more:

Paper was considered one of the best at CIWAI-2008

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 04:08 pm

The paper about the archive and measurement of the Portuguese web was considered one of the best of the CIWAI-2008 conference.

The paper Arquivo e medição da web portuguesa (in Portuguese) about the archive and measurement of the Portuguese web was considered one of the best of the CIWAI-2008 conference.

This recognition was given to 3 of the 66 published works. The conference received 216 submissions.

The paper presents the Portuguese web archive project and a characterization of the Portuguese web obtained from a crawl performed in February 2008.

According to the obtained results the Portuguese web is composed at least by 56 million contents which correspond to 2.8 TB of data.

The authors were invited to publish an extended version of the paper in a scientific journal.

Open position at the Portuguese Web Archive

Last updated on October 2nd, 2017 at 11:19 am

Open position at the Portuguese Web Archive project

The Portuguese Web Archive announces an open position for a gradutate/MSc in Computer Science with experience in Java and Web usability.

Speaking and writing skills in Portuguese are required.

The application deadline is the 2nd March 2009.

For further information please check the description of the open position.

New member of the PWA

Last updated on October 2nd, 2017 at 11:05 am

David Cruz is the newest member of the Portuguese Web Archive team.

The opened position at the Portuguese Web Archive was filled by David Cruz.

David is 25 years old, he got his bachelor and master degrees in Informatics at the University of Lisbon.

He was a researcher at the human-computer interfaces group HCIM, his master thesis focused on geographic information retrieval and he collaborated with the natural language processing for Portuguese Linguateca.

At the PWA, he is now responsible for the usability and accessibility of the user interfaces.

He will also be in charge of the integration of historical web data collections supplied by external entities.