GAWAC2024-website-banner in Paris for international event

The team took part in the Web Archiving Conference e na Assembleia Geral do International Internet Preservation Consortium (GA&WAC 2024), an event that annually brings together web archiving initiatives from around the world.

The National Library of France (BNF), in partnership with the Institut Nationale de l’Audiovisuelle (INA), hosted this meeting, which took place from April 24 to 25, 2024, in the iconic François Mitterrand building in Paris.

For three days, participants were able to share knowledge and experience on the preservation of information published on the Web. contributed the following presentations:

  • Training the Trainers – Helping Web Archiving Professionals become Confident Trainers (Pre-Conference Workshop, Training Working Group) – Ricardo Basílio (Abstract, slides)
  • 80 Thousand Pages On Street Art : Exploring Techniques To Build Thematic Collections (Session#02: unique content) – Ricardo Basílio (Abstract, slides)
  • Renascer Project Brings Back Old Websites at, Ricardo Basílio, Daniel Gomes  and Vasco Rato (Session#04: Delivery & Access (Abstract, slides)
  • CitationSaver: Preserving Citations for Online Documents (Session#09: Digital Preservation) – Pedro Gomes, Daniel Gomes (Abstract, slides)
  • Fixing Broken Links with Arquivo404 (Poster session 2) – Vasco Rato, Daniel Gomes (Abstract, slides)