We issued a press release about Arquivo.pt

Last updated on September 26th, 2017 at 10:32 am

On the 12th January 2016 we have issued a press release about Arquivo.pt, where we explain our service, its history, present, colaborations and future challenges.

The Arquivo.pt is a free of charge service, that allows the search of Web archived data since 1996. The investigation infrastructure of Arquivo.pt is mainly focused on the preservation of relevant content for the portuguese community.

There are currently about 2700 milions of archived files, which correspond to 95 TB of information and any person can suggest interesting sites to be archived by simply going to https://arquivo.pt/suggest.

In 2015, the Arquivo.pt has collected 580 milion files for preservation, and the search service has registered an average of 3 692 users per month, from which 90% are new users.

In 2016 the Arquivo.pt will make avaliable the access to archived Web pages from the .eu domain and the Arquivo.pt team will work on a prototype that will allow the search and visualization of archived images.

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