We archived the Web pages of the Portuguese Presidential Elections of 2016!

The Arquivo.pt made 2 crawls of Web pages related with the Portuguese Presidential Elections of 2016.

We had appealed to the community contribution by suggesting Web pages related with the Presidential Elections of 2016 in order to archive it.

We made 2 crawls, during and after the election campaign period, using the list of 284 Web pages suggested by the community, archiving a total of 551 672 Web resources, that occupy 7 GB.

It were collected Web pages such as the official ones from the running candidates, from political parties, news in the media about the elections, blogs, opinion articles.

The Arquivo.pt respects an embargo period of 1 year, and for that reason the archived collection will only be avaliable by the end of 2016.

However you can consult now some archived Web pages from the previous Portuguese Parliamentary Elections such as:

We would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with this initiative.