Lend a little disk space to preserve the Web

Last updated on October 2nd, 2017 at 10:56 am

Anyone can contribute to preserve the information published on the Web. You just need to install a simple application on your computer.

The information published on the web is a resource of great historical value that must be preserved for future generations.

RARC is an application that enables anyone to contribute to preserve the web, by providing a little bit of disk space to store a backup copy of the archived information.

This way, if information is lost from the central repository due to, for instance, a natural disaster, it can be retrieved from the computers of the people that installed rARC.

RARC includes a screen saver that presents examples of archived pages. You can uninstall rARC or reduce the donated space whenever you want.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

The Portuguese Web Archive publishes a top of the most generous contributors and the approximate location of the backup copies.

Start contributing to rARC now!

Thank you for your support.