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Fires in Pedrógão Grande

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The information collected from the Web during 2017 is avaliable in

Fires in Pedrógão Grande. Photo published in the newspaper As Beiras
Fires in Pedrógão Grande, Portugal, june 2017. Photo published in the newspaper As Beiras

Remember and investigate historical events of 2017 such as: visited 3 millions sites and collected 900 million files, 75TB in total, so you can acess the memory of past events.

Librarians as web curators in universities

4th meeting BES

The 4th Meeting of Libraries of Higher Education, for librarians in Portuguese universities, held at Coimbra University, on 4 and 5 June 2019, had two presentations about

Workflow for the preservation of institutional web sites (fig. 1) was suggested as a guide for anyone to be able to care for and preserve quality the pages of own organization.

The second presented the new “Memorial” service, which preserves the sites at the end of their life cycle, keeping them accessible to institutional memory and research.

About 170 librarians participated at the meeting and were challenged to collaborate with adopting simple but decisive practices to preserve the Web with quality.

Fluxograma Curadoria Web

Fig. 1 – Workflow to preserve institutional websites (PDF, in Portuguese)