The Online Centenary of the Great War

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 08:39 am


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The Centenary of the Great War was celebrated Online

The aim of this project, “The Online Centenary of the Great War: comparing political strategies of international cooperation”, is to analyze the interpretations on the subject of the Great War 100 years after the event in order to compare the political strategies of international cooperation in the 21th century.

I will be using the information that was published in the commemorative websites of the Centenary from 3 different countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Portugal

While doing so, it is vital to answer these questions:

  • How did countries these project their participation in the war to a 21th century audience?
  • What can we conclude from the websites and commemorative events about the international relations of these three countries 100 years after the Great War?
  • What is the political discourse adjacent to the remembrance of the conflict, especially in the digital era when information reaches a large number of people?

The Web Archives preserve information on the First Great War

This project aims to underline the contributions of Web Archives to research in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences by treating websites as original sources which, thanks to the work of these archives, have been preserved in their original condition.

By using and the Internet Archive we shall look into 3 websites from the period of the centenary (2014-2018) :

Then follows an analysis of the websites’ highlights throughout these 4 years. After this collection, some specific articles will be chosen in order to analyse the discourse spread by political and institutional figures involved in the commemorations.

Although this is the main corpus of the sources, there is a large amount of other resources available from which we can retrieve additional information:

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