Past Members

Last updated on December 30th, 2019 at 06:03 pm

Andre Nogueira

André Nogueira: responsible for the rARC development, a distributed system for replication archived contents across storage nodes on the Internet.


David Cruz

David Cruz: responsible for the user interfaces’ usability and the integration of external collections.


Simão Fontes

Simão Fontes: responsible for search service availability and indexing operations.


Miguel Costa

Miguel Costa: responsible for the indexing and search systems over the archive.


João Miranda

João Miranda: responsible for the Crawler and web publishing systems of the project.


Hugo Mendes

Hugo Mendes:web design, usability and communication

Hugo Viana

Hugo Viana: indexing and search systems over the archive.


Anabela Ventura - Formação & Disseminação

Anabela Ventura: Training & Dissemination


Luiz Alberto Moura - Gestor de Comunidade

Luiz Alberto Moura: Community Manager